Called in Sick
Bluesy-Butt-Thrash Punk Trio formed in spring '02.
Scotty Buttocks: Pick on strings, mouth on mike.
Ryan: Fingers on fat strings.
Tom: Sticks on skin and metal.

Scotty and Tom played in Seattle's 80's punk scene (yeh we fockin' had one then) with Bam Bam.
Ryan played/toured with Beg-Borrow-Steele.
We like fun (so we have it)...we hate politics (so we sing it)...we like honesty (so we expect it)...
we hate phony-phucks (so we avoid them)...we like beer (so we drinks it)...
we hate money; (we must onna-counta we don't have any).
We are fast-minimal-hard-cynical. we are also fun as hell!
We believe music should have a purpose, even if that purpose is to just have a good fucking time!

Our influences vary from the obvious to the absurd:
Yardbirds, Black Flag, Black Uhuru, Dead Kennedys, X, Neil Young, Germs, Gits, Johnny Cash, Triggers, Soundgarden,  Bam Bam, Junkie-Era Stones, Fear, Old-Ass Blue Oyster Cult, Circle Jerks, Early Pissed-off Dylan, Dead Boys, John Lee Hooker, Lou Reed, Motorhead, Joy Division, Kinks, Pil, MC5, Big Boys, Mike Watt, etc...we would also suck the Clash's collective cocks.