No Melons In Ephrata:
I grew up in a small town, though there were no melons around.
There were rednecks and hippies. Not much color, but there was me!
I would go back some day, but I doubt that much has changed.
They always cursed my name, could it still be the same?
They won't remember me, At least that'd be something.
Everyone knew everything and some things that never were.
In their minds they knew me well. I was bad; the boy from hell.
Yeh I'm from hell alright! Hell of a little town. My life: bored misery.
They all done fucked with me.
Ain't never goin' back. Ain't even gonna pack.
No felony ever fell on me. I was Mr. Misdemeanor. If I was there they'd all just stare.
They'd scream and cuss: not one of us!....'cause they're so small town.

Fucking Lies:
They talk of helping labor, peculiar behavior. as giant money makers sell snake oil to any takers.
Not me I see that you really are just the fucking lies to be, put on the 'guise you want to help.
You're just out for your fucking self!
Treaties, pacts and signings pacify the public's whinings. Build us up on backs of others while,
pretending they're our brothers. So you do to who you can do to fuck this world for me not you.
It's money that you're getting free on backs of fucking fools like me.

I Consume:
I pull up to the box, ask for bovine, tubers and grease.
Top it off with citric acid and corn syrup. I consume.
I see! I hear! I obey! I buy! live! Buy! Consume! Die!
I flip through stacks and stacks but never find what I look for.
So I end up taking something I do not want.
Still, I consume.
I see! I hear! I obey! I buy! Live! Buy! Consume! Die!
I roll down ails find threads all joined together; keep me warm.
Picking fruit from looms I cover my nakedness.
I consume. I see! I hear! I obey! I buy! Live! Buy! Consume! Die!

No Lyrics:
No lyrics, nothing. no words, blank. no thoughts, empty. no feelings, numb.

Gosh I'm Sorry:
Gosh I'm sorry that I don't wear the clothes that you do. gosh I'm sorry that I don't play your music for you.
Gosh I'm sorry that you have trouble accepting me dude. Gosh I'm I'm not!
Don't mean shit to me that I don't mean shit to you. I feel so damn sorry for you, yes I do.
Gosh I'm sorry that you've got such an attitude. Gosh I'm sorry that in your mind I'm fucking rude.
Gosh I'm sorry that I forgot to check your rules. Gosh I'm I'm not!
You poor boys and girls in your own little world. I feel so damn sorry for you, yes I do!

I Am An American:
What the fuck is wrong with you? Your face is full of lies. It's not like you've got much to gain by it.
you're a window to my eyes. I see through you like the hole you are; an empty one at that.
You're proof no truth lives inside your heart, no honor underneath your hat.
You liberally dole out conservative thought that I don't want to hear.
The only thing worse than a liberal's a conservative my dear.
If a country wipes a booger on us; it's treachery.
But when we do the same thing to them, it's national security. it's called national security.
So wave those flags high, it helps to cover your eyes. Like it says on the bumper-sticker: this land is for you and I.
Oh yes I am american, brave in my home-free in my land. At least in my own head I am, my thoughts yet to be banned.
So take another healthy bite out of society's carcass. Send us to happy camps, like cords of wood you will park us.

Thank you doctor:
Diazapan my pal. I'm feeling really swell. Normal thinking near. I'm nearly like my peers.
Thank you doctor. I used to be confused, but now all thanks to you, I know my mind's O.K.
It's alright to think this way. Thank you doctor.
Thanks doc.

I work in a factory, that's what I do. My name is different there: 95012.
Don't always know what I build...and I don't care....long as at the end of the week, my check is there.
Dirt! Dust! Grease on the floor! Noise! Stench! My body's sore!
I gotta job, I don't have no career. I know it sucks ass, but it pays my beer.
I work for a living, I don't live to work. This ain't who I am, it's what I do for perks.
Fork-lifts! Trucks in the house! Hard hats! My spirit's doused!
Always on my feet...I never get to sit. Spose I should feel tired, but I'm just too beat to give a shit.
Just the other day, I hit the end of my luck. They tried to fire me...just for saying fuck!!! (That's all I said).

Oh Girls:
Lovely women; beautiful girls. Wrapped up in silk; long flowing curls. It's your 15 minutes alive on the stage.
The moment is yours, but the lights will soon fade. While roles are imposed, you and I just don't care.
Be who we are; fuck those who stare. Dance near the floods, camp it up for the crowd.
You know that you're stunning; hold your head proud.
Oh girls! Beautiful women. Satin dollies; Midnight follies. We love you, we adore you. We just don't quite understand.
Oh girls! Lovely ladies. Always gorgeous; Never bore us. You fascinate, you encapsulate, though I know you're not really there...
(no actual females were used in this song)

All songs by scotty buttocks, buttocks productions/ascap,
except (Thank you doctor) by scotty buttocks and ryan ledgerwood, buttocks productions/ascap.