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Nobody moves, see...             Ow! These shorts are tight!          Bad boys @ Zak's closing.

Ryan @ the Lobo.                  Nice gams!                           Our back bone.

Tom @ the Lobo.                   Smiling Ryan.                      Rockin @ The Monkey

Fun House                        Tom @ the Monkey Pub        I am SO a tough guy!

Ah, a roach!                  Dave; master of our web                 Scotty Hendrix!

Sandy "manages" a cold one      Appreciation for Ryan        Fun House

This is how I think            Say that again, I dares ya!          Thank you Doctor

Fun @ the Funhouse             Tom relaxes @ the Lobo       A face only a mother could love

Tom pounds with the Clown     Ryan @ Zaks                 

C.I.S. @ Mirror Sound          Scotty @ Mirror Sound           Tom @ Mirror Sound

Respect the Clown                 Scotty @ Lobo                      Ryan @ Mirror Sound 

Sick Pride                                  Fun House 3                          This is how I think



Early Show  - Shongo             The Lads at El Corazon         Say Aw for Dr. Johnson



Oh yeah!       I write the words on my eye lids, erasing fucking hurts        Ton the Tom



Scotty bends the rules               Review - Radio Free Seattle

Photos by: Sandy Ledgerwood, Chris Deikoff, Cory Breedlove and Keith Johnson.